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Chapter Ride to Mt. Davis

On August 13, North Pittsburgh had there Mt. Davis ride. North Pittsburgh members Ron and Tamie, Devin, Rich, Roberta, Steve, Beaker and Juanita, Bill Jr., Bob, and Lenny were joined by Nick and 3 other members of the Lower Burrell Legion Riders at the Blue Haven Lounge. Along the way we stopped at Brady's Restaurant on Rt. 31 for lunch. We continued on through Seven Springs and New Centerville. After two missed turns, a lost cell phone (Bob), and a lost turn signal lens (Roberta) the group arrived at Mt. Davis just after 4pm. The view from the observation tower was amazing. We took a scenic route from Mt. Davis (more missed/wrong turns) to Ohiopyle, Mill Run, and Jones Mills to complete our loop. The group split up at Rts. 22 & 819 as we went our separate ways home. All in all a great day to ride, and great people to ride with.

Quick Quiz :
 How many of you can tell me the significance of Sept, 4th? 

Think real hard.  
September 4, 2003 is the day that you have been able to ride helmet free in PA. 
Did you think about that? If you didn't, I wonder how important it is to you.